Detergent Fundraising

Heavenly Product is all about what the consumer needs are, we listen to our customers and work with them to achieve there goals, that is why we have become the largest FUNDRAISING PROGRAMS suppliers in the nation with our products.

We have been supplying schools,churches,nursery homes,scouts,sport programs and many more events with our products for many years to the point where the money generated from the fund raising activities is on top of the list of income source for these programs and establishments. Doing the Fundraiser event is simple and a
fun way to interact with the community and make everyone happy to participate, you don’t need to hire workers to do the job, you can rely on volunteers and students to do the job so your cost to start a program is zero.

The profit and benefits are huge , and the continuation of the fund raising program is a year round activity since
our product is in demand year round, who can live with dirty laundry, so people will buy the laundry soap every time you do a fundraiser, and the more you do it the more people will participate and the word will spread. Our
product is in demand because of quality and low cost to the consumer, especially with the way the economy is these days, people looking to save money, and one of the most expensive house needs is the laundry soap,
The most important step that will guarantee the quick success is advertising, your job is to explain and work with the schools for example on how to go about and inform the community of what is it you are about to do
and that is very easy to accomplish, schools newspaper, pass out flyers to students to take home with them, local ad papers, let students and volunteers go house to house and bring orders to the school, and many other
ideas that are cost free. Once the public are informed the news will travel fast and you go on to another school and so on. Heavenly Product with its workers will work hard to help you establish and accomplish your new business , we guarantee our product to satisfy the consumer, we will prepare your orders within few ours no matter what the quantity is, and its up to you to pickup or have it shipped to you when you want it.

There is more information that can and will help you to start and a lot that we can do to help, your first step is
to contact us and go over any questions you may have and we will be glad to assist you
and show you a way to begin and start making money.